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a Paufve|dance production

Tuesday Jan 21, 2014
$8 at door, show at 8:30pm. Doors at 8pm, but bar is open from 6pm on!
The Uptown
1928 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Perfomances by
Evie Ladin – MoToR
Antoine Hunter
Stranger Lover Dreamer
Christian Burns
Abigail Hosein / a h d a n c o
Rosemary Hannon

Travels to Manhattan!

Friday, January 10, 2014
Randee will perform an excerpt from SOIL

Booking Dance Festival NYC

The Allen Room, Frederick P. Rose Hall
Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center
Broadway @ 60th St. New York, NY


Past Performances


Date: October 4-6 & 11-12, 2013
Location: Hillside Swedenborgian Community Church, El Cerrito, CA 

Soil. Abstraction made accessible. Aging made fertile.
Transcendence goes underground. The singular becomes universal.
This is modern dance.

Soil is a solo dance concert performed by dancer and choreographer Randee Paufve, featuring works by Paufve, the late Della Davidson, New York City based Kate Weare and Gregg Bielemeier of Portland, OR, with music composed and performed live by Chris Evans and Elijah Wallace. Soil is created and shaped in collaboration with the award winning lighting and set designer Jack Carpenter, director Beth Harris, videographer Olivia Ting and costumer Keriann Egeland. Soil begins at dusk and moves from fading sunlight to video, set and lighting installations to create environments that shift with the passage of time to reveal each dance.

Soil marks a return to the solo form that launched Paufve’s career, but in a full-evening format that challenges the notion that with aging we lose endurance. Paufve blasts through five solos exposing the raw, hot vitality of an artist smashing against stereotypes of aging dancers, up-ending the roles of choreographer/performer/audience and embodying the unpredictability of transformation. With works by four very different choreographers Soil unifies into a bold and nuanced physical expression of the dance between body and psyche – a fiery descent into dreaminess, a dark embrace with mortality and a reemergence into light and life.


So I Married Abraham Lincoln….

a dance theater work about the life of Mary Todd Lincoln

Dates: January 27-29 and June 25-27, 2012
Locations: Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco and Conduit Dance Inc. Portland, OR

So I Married Abraham Lincoln features an ensemble of seven women who highlight ideas about Mrs. Lincoln as a fractured self - a highly visible, often unbalanced woman who was objectified throughout her life. The work is based on ideas about Mary Todd Lincoln as the original First Lady body (MTL was the first ‘First Lady’, dubbed by the Washington press) a prism-like surface upon which the American public projects adulation, fear and judgment, setting the stage for the love and mistrust of American first ladies throughout our brief national history. Aided by a chorus of ten additional performers, the piece also includes other characters that will act as foil and companion to Mrs. Lincoln and help to contextualize her experiences, such as a gaggle of first ladies, ranging from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama, and a host of male ghosts, including Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln’s sons, and a cadre of Civil War-era soldiers.

Dancers: Valerie Gutwirth, Rebecca Johnson, Katie Kruger, Mo Miner, Nadia Oka, Jill Randall, Christy L. Thomas
Lighting Design: Gabe Maxson
Set Design: Jack Carpenter
Sound: Heather Heise
Costumes: Keriann Egeland

The Not To Be Forgotten

Dates: April 2011, May 2011
Location: Sacramento Dance Sampler, CSU Sacramento and 8x8x8 at The Uptown, Oakland
Dancers: Leandro Glory Damasco, Katie Kruger

That Obscure Subject of Desire

Date: July 2009
Location: Dance Mission Theater
Dancers: Frank Shawl, Diane McKallip, Brian Rundstrom, Jane Schnorrenberg, Rebecca Johnson, Katie Kruger, Jill Randall, Christy L. Thomas, Stephanie Ballas, Randee Paufve

Lighting Design: Gabe Maxson
Costume Design: Rachel Stone
Sound Design: Heather Heise

TOSOD was nominated for two 2012 Isadora Duncan Dance awards 


Date: February 2008
Location: Mondavi Performing Arts Center, UC Davis
Dancers: Frank Shawl, Diane McKallip, Rebecca Johnson, Katie Kruger, Laura Marlin, Marlena Oden, Stephanie Ballas, Randee Paufve

Sound Design: Heather Heise


Date: April 2009
Location: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Dancers: Anatoly Soshilov, Randee Paufve, Sara Zimmerman

Costume Design: Rachel Stone


Date: September 2007
Location: Ten Tiny Dances/Portland Institute for Contemporary Arts TBA
Dancer: Randee Paufve

Sound: Heather Heise

The Big Squeeze 

Dates: April & July 2006, October-November 2006, October-November 2007, 
Locations: Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, Berkeley 
Joyce SoHo, Manhattan
Djerassi Resident Artist Program, Woodside, CA
Theater Artaud, San Francisco
ODC Theater, San Francisco 
Julia Morgan Theater, Berkeley
Dancers: Katie Faulkner, Rebecca Johnson, Marlena Oden, Shaunna Vella, Diane McKallip, Frank Shawl, Stephanie Ballas, Randee Paufve, Lisa Bush

Lighting Design: Steven Clifford


Dates: May 2004, July-August 2004, September 2005, October 2003
Western Sky Studio, Berkeley, CA
The Dance Complex, Boston, MA
The Phantom Theater, Warren, VT
Ten Tiny Dances/Portland Institute for Contemporary Art TBA
Max10, Los Angeles
Dancers: Jennifer Wright Cook, Erin Gottwald, Stephanie Ballas, Rebecca Johnson, Sima Belmar, Randee Paufve

Music composed and performed live by Terese Taylor

In Exhale 

Dates: September 2002, June-July 2003
Dance Mission Theater
ODC Theater, San Francisco
Cowell Theater/West Wave Dance Festival, San Francisco
Dancers: Rebecca Johnson, Josie Alvite, Frances Sedayao, Nina Haft, Frank Shawl, Diane McKallip, Jill Randall. Lisa Bush, Jane Schnorrenberg, Jill Randall, Christine Chen, Randee Paufve, Alisa Rasera, Shelley Senter

Lighting Designer: Steven Clifford


Dates: June-July 2000, June 2001, October 2001
Echo Theater, Portland OR
Unitarian Universalist Church of Oakland
Mondavi Performing Arts Center, UC Davis
Cowell Theater/West Wave Dance Festival, San Francisco, 
Dancers: Randee Paufve, Jenn Gierada, Michael Barber, Lisa Bush, Jane Schnorrenberg, Jill Randall, Rebecca Johnson, Christine Chen

Field of Brooms and Other Dances

Dates: April 1999, June 2002
Locations: Conduit Theater, Portland, OR & Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco

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