curation and presentation


Paufve Dance produces three annual performance events, Bare Bones, 8x8x8 and Four Fridays. All of Paufve Dance’s programming is low cost or free.


Bare Bones is a curated, low-tech performance series inviting choreographers to present new work in an informal venue, typically a warehouse space in Berkeley.  All shows include an informal reception to facilitate dialogue between artists and audience.  An ongoing experiment in choreography and exploration, Bare Bones serves as a way to share resources and build community amongst artists and audiences, bringing new choreography to Bay Area audiences in an affordable, intimate setting.


A response to the lack of suitable, affordable performance spaces for choreographers working in the San Francisco Bay Area, 8x8x8 challenges eight choreographers to create work for an alternative venue, typically a bar or nightclub.  Ticket prices are minimal - $8 at the door - encouraging both dance lovers and the non-dance audience to view dance in a low-key setting.  By bringing dance to unusual venues typically reserved for live music, 8x8x8 is a successful new experiment in choreography, presentation, and audience development.

Four Fridays: Four Fridays invites audiences to be part of a public process! Witness the inner workings of Paufve Dance in a series of Friday rehearsals. Join us afterward for talks with the artists. Annually, first four Friday evenings in September. Free/Donation-based 

“The overriding experience of Bare Bones was of an evening of dances for grown-ups …. The intellectual and emotional relief of viewing work freed of pretension and liberated from cliché took me by surprise. It was the artistic equivalent of being engaged in a compelling conversation by very smart and impassioned people.”

– Ann Murphy, Dance View Times