Upcoming Paufve Dance Season

Four Fridays


Four Fridays 2021 will feature:


  • “Conversation”, a work-in-progress collaboration, presented via Zoom, between Randee and Bangalore-based dance artist and writer Prathima Rohini Rajasekeran. 

  • A public wrecking of Randee’s solo “Music No Music”, last performed at the Ghandhi Museum in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.

  • “WEST”, directed by choreographer Andrew Merrell.  WEST is part of PD’s multi-year project “Where Are You Going Where Did You Go?”


Video: Rehearsal process for "Conversation" a new dance collaboration

Choreographers/performers: Prathima Rohini Rajasekaran and Randee Paufve
Rehearsal and Zoom footage edited by Leandro Glory Damasco Jr.

Second Annual Paufve Dance Film Screening


Paufve Dance presents three new films directed by Julia Sweeney

October 2021

date and time TBA


  • 8x8x8 Time Warp Reverie – an artfully edited compilation of 16 years of Paufve Dance’s beloved 8x8x8 series

  • Uptown End Times – Randee performs with Chris Evans at the Uptown shortly before they closed their doors permanently, another Covid casualty

  • Olivia! A new film featuring dancer Olivia Caldeira Holston performing works set to music by Brazilian female/feminist vocalists and the sounds of Sao Paul

Photo:  Olivia Caldeira Holston, video shoot in West Oakland, CA, April 2021.  Photo by Randee Paufve

Where Are You Going, Where Did You Go


“Where Are You Going, Where Did You Go” is a multi-phase dance project exploring personal and geographical thresholds, created through a series of dance-based rituals. The research includes five dance events taking place on the seasonal solstices, in the furthest points, in each direction, of the continental USA.


Our research takes us to:

  • West Quoddy Head, Maine. September 2018

  • Cape Alava, Washington. July 2019

  • Northern Minnesota. September 2021

  • East Cape, Florida. December 2021

  • Central Kansas​. April 2022


Bay Area premiere Winter 2023​

Choreography and Direction: Randee Paufve and collaborators

Performer: Randee Paufve

Lighting Design: Kaveri Seth​

Video Filmed and Edited: Erin Malley