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Paufve Dance [July 2020]

The recent and historically consistent murder of Black Americans; the genocide and systemic racism upon which this country is founded; the un-credited appropriation of the work of Black artists since forever. This is our racist society. And Paufve Dance has played and continues to play a role in the ways racism has been normalized in this society, in particular, in the field of dance. We are a White-led organization and so this fact of racism is built into our practices. While words are important as a form of action, actual action -- movement-- is critical if we want to do less harm. We want to do less harm. Last month Paufve Dance stepped down from our permanent Company in Residence status at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center. Paufve Dance has grown and thrived in large part because of this ongoing residency. We are eternally grateful for this gift, and recognize it both came from and has helped us maintain our White privilege in the Bay Area Dance community. It is past time for a Black choreographer and/or company to receive the benefits we have enjoyed these last 10 years: consistent free rehearsal space, beautiful studios, and the support of the community and vast network of Shawl-Anderson.

We thank Shawl-Anderson for this superlative gift of space and time, for valuing Paufve Dance, for giving us a home. We know and are still learning how capitalism, patriarchy, White supremacy and greed are designed to lead us away from community, connection, and our very bodies. As we refine what doing less harm looks like in actionable ways, Paufve Dance offers human movement as part of the solution – not so much dance training, which can often be against the nature of the body, but dancing with ourselves. As our world cracks open, Paufve Dance will continue to engage with dance specifically as a practice of how we live in our bodies, as we are, where we are,

how we are, pursuing dance as an ever-evolving art form of the body and of culture. Sincerely, Paufve Dance Randee Paufve Julia Davidson

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