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Paufve Dance uPDate [January 2021]

Thank You:

Last December was the first time Paufve Dance participated in Giving Tuesday. What a success and outpouring. Thank you donors. Thank you so much. Your donations sustain our team-- they pay for administrative time, they pay for the art to get made. And 5% of the total contributions made it to BLM.


2021 finds PD resuming daily rehearsals for upcoming video shoots and live performances late spring and summer. Read on to see clips and pics from upcoming PD works.

Last looks: Last October, Paufve Dance hosted a live screening of Paufve Dance films “Life During Lifeand The Glade” (premiere), followed by artist Q&A with Randee Paufve, Video Director Julia Sweeney and ODC-Writer-in-Residence Sima Belmar. The films only available to screen until February 2nd, 2021.

Collaboration with Molly-Rose Williams: Randee is working on a new outdoor collaboration directed by dance/performance artist Molly Rose-Williams that explores narrative forms in dance and experiments in spontaneous creation. Stay tuned for socially-distanced outdoor performances this spring.

Final rehearsals for Pagu: a new solo created for dancer Olivia Caldeira Holston. Filming takes place late February, screening summer 2021

New Dance Film: Created at the Uptown, with Randee Paufve, Chris Evans and video direction by Julia Sweeney, screening summer 2021

Rehearsals for WEST: Part of Paufve Dance’s three year, multiphase dance event, taking our research to the furthest points in each direction of the contiguous USA. WEST is directed by Andrew Merrill and performed by Randee. Film screening and live performances TBA!

Introducing Paufve Dance's New Advisory Board:

They've been working behind the scenes because (surprise!) they are busy and extremely talented and we don't want them to get poached. Alas, we have to shout our love from the rooftops eventually. Without further ado, let us introduce the Paufve Dance Advisory Board, in their own words and in ours (photos, clockwise from upper left: Maya, Jyoti, Sara, Josh)

Maya Woodson Turman is a finance professional, a modern dancer and a yoga instructor. She lives in Kensington with her husband, her two kids and her dog, Obi. She is as passionate about dance and the arts as she is a great excel spreadsheet. She has danced with Paufve Dance in the past and continues to study with Randee each Sunday morning. She is excited to be able to combine her passions by serving on the Paufve Dance advisory board as a supporter of dance and the arts and as a finance professional.

Maya has been a steward of Paufve Dance’s work for years, as a dancer in my Sunday classes, as a performer with Paufve Dance, and now as a member of Paufve Dance’s advisory board. In the classroom we all rely on Maya’s steel-trap mind and grounded presence to remember the movement exactly as I taught it days, weeks, even years ago. As a board member, Maya’s training and experience in both dance and finance supports us in organizing and managing budgets, and helps us to honor our values with funding and fundraising goals. -Randee

Jyoti Argade is an educator, producer, and Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging practitioner. She holds a PhD in Performance Studies from Northwestern University and was formerly a professor of dance at the University of East London, UK. Trained in the classical Indian dance form of bharata natyam, she stays connected to dance via the studio and as an advisor to dance companies and emerging choreographers. Currently, she is a Culture, Diversity and Belonging Manager at Autodesk. Dr. Argade is also the proud mother to a 6 year old boy and 9 year old girl.

On a walk last year to discuss Paufve Dance’s search for advisory board members, a friend immediately recommended Jyoti Argade. I’d heard some about Jyoti’s work as a Fulbright scholar, and excitedly reached out to her. Jyoti’s background and expertise as a dancer, performer, researcher, and now Culture, Diversity and Belonging manager at Autodesk, are helping Paufve Dance define and develop our vision, mission and programming.Every conversation with Jyoti is illuminating; I never want to hang up the phone. - Randee

Sara Raymond-Wagner I’m delighted to be part of Paufve Dance’s Advisory Board. Randee opened up a whole world of movement to me, as well as encouraged me to explore my interests in feminism and its related spirituality. After many years of not being in touch it was social media that reconnected us. In that time I’d gotten my BA at Smith College, lived in Los Angeles for several years, gone to Golden Gate University School of Law for a JD, gotten married and had two kids, and embarked on my career as an attorney. Being part of Paufve Dance is allowing me to revisit my interest in the Arts by helping to get Randee’s work out into the world. It is truly a joy.

Sara and I first met in 1990. She was entering her senior year of high school where I had just been hired to run the dance program, and within seconds of the first modern dance swing I already adored her. In the 30 years since, I’ve taught so many students in institutions across the country, yet moments of that year with Sara remain among the highlights of my teaching career. Sara’s legal expertise has already helped Paufve Dance generate organizational contracts, and we look forward to further strengthening our path forward with Sara’s guidance.-Randee

Josh Kaufman: Josh Kaufman is a communications and group engagement consultant. As a partner and owner of Covision he has served corporate, non-profit, and NGO clients across the globe at events ranging from small group gatherings to the opening session at the World Economic Forum. Josh has been an enthusiastic patron of Paufve Dance for the past 25 years, was MC for one of the first 8x8x8 performances, and is excited to bring his mix of business acumen and love for the arts to the board. In his spare time, Josh loves to run, ski, climb, play at improv, strum the guitar, and travel. Josh lived abroad in Spain for several years but is now settled in Berkeley with his wife Ana and their dog Blai.

I came to know Josh as the close friend of a close friend. Over the years I’ve witnessed and appreciated how Josh nurtures his friendships, and advocates for the people and causes he cares about. I’ve also seen Josh’s proactivity, entrepreneurship and fierce business acumen in building his extraordinarily successful company Covision, Inc. Just four months into his work with Paufve Dance and we have already benefited from Josh’s clarity, vision, and commitment to our success, and we are excited for the work that lies ahead. -Randee

Notes from Randee:

A moment to speak to January 20th, 2021. The inauguration was art - movement, design, choreography, color - our humanity expressing itself. The overwhelming work we all need to do is to support the good work that will come from this new administration and the good work that will come in response to its failings. For PD that work is art, and working toward equity in art. PD's response to everything is to create in connection with the world, whether it's phrase-making in a park in India, a church yard in Florida, a parking lot in Berkeley; evening movement rituals in the streets of Richmond dedicated to protection spells and benevolent outcomes. We continue to look at how we are in connection, with the spaces we hold space in, the people we hold space with and the community we make art for. So as we move forward, let's keep each other strong and accountable. Let's make art that messes us up and reflects the times. Let's keep looking at all the structures that enable our survival at the expense of someone elses' and keep doing our damnedest to come up with more creative and truly life-sustaining ways of being in community. -Randee Paufve

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