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Paufve Dance uPDate [May 2021]

The Fox, The Hawk, and the Sentinel, Molly Rose-Williams and Randee Paufve, photos: Kaveri Seth

Spring! Summer! Fall! what's gone down, what's coming up

March: Fundraising!

In March we held a 60th Birthday Fundraising Campaign to hire a Marketing Consultant to work with PD on overhauling our website and to nudge us toward a more effective social media presence. Thank you, donors! Every dollar makes a difference, and we are so grateful for your support. April: Collaborations! Passage: a collaboration with Nadhi Thekkek/Nava Dance Theater. Passage is a work conceptualized and choreographed by Nadhi Thekkek with dancer-collaborators Randee Paufve and Shruti Abhishek, and composer-musicians Chris Evans and Conal Sathi. In this work, I was both witness to and collaborator in the process of exploring modern/contemporary movement and choreographic sensibilities from Nadhi’s base in Bharatanatyam.

The Fox, the Hawk, and the Sentinel, a new work-in-progress, directed by Molly Rose-Williamswas performed for tiny audiences who traveled through various sites throughout UC Berkeley’s Clark Kerr campus, including a greasy parking lot, a debris-strewn driveway, and a caged stairwell; in a baseball diamond, under majestic trees and the soaring hawk.

photos: Molly Rose-Williams and Randee Paufve, photo credits: Kaveri Seth

Summer: Rehearsing! Teaching! Other Stuff!

This summer Paufve Dance will work behind the scenes, rehearsing and planning our programming for the coming year. Randee will also resume teaching public outdoor classes (details coming soon). With the support of our advisory board, PD will begin a long-anticipated collaboration with a TBA marketing consultant, and will continue to develop and implement our strategic plan. We continue our racial equity work by keeping the conversation alive, writing and rewriting organizational commitments, and giving funds, time, and energy to underrepresented artists in our community.

September: Four Fridays!

Four Fridays is back! Come witness Paufve Dance in rehearsal over four Friday afternoons or evenings this September. Four Fridays 2021 will feature a public wrecking of Randee’s solo, “Music No Music,” last performed at Madurai Art Fest 2020, Tamilnadu, India. We are thrilled that Four Fridays 2021 will also feature a long distance, live-stream dance collaboration with Bengaluru-based dance artist Pratima Rohini Rajasekaran.

October: Films!

PD's second film screening event, will feature three new PD videos, directed and edited by Julia Sweeney. Dates, times, and outdoor location TBD.

Film #1,which grew out of weekly “how to not lose your mind in a pandemic” rehearsals in Berkeley’s La Loma park, features dancer Olivia Caldeira Holston performing in sites all over Northern California. Set to music by Brazilian female vocalists and street sounds recorded and sent to us by Olivia’s cousins in São Paulo, the movement material grew from conversations about Olivia’s Brazilian roots. Costume design by Andrew Merrell and costume construction by Rogelio Lopez.

Film #2 was shot in November 2020 at Oakland’s Uptown nightclub. The Uptown generously hosted PD’s 8x8x8 from 2012-2019, and owners Robbin Green-Yeh and Ray Yeh invited PD to spend a final afternoon in the space shortly before permanently closing its doors, another casualty of Covid-19. The film features Randee performing with longtime collaborator, cellist Chris Evans.

Our third film, 8x8x8: Time-Warp Reverie, takes viewers on a journey through the past 16 years of 8x8x8. Directed and edited by Julia Sweeney, the film affords folks who’ve never attended an 8x8x8 a chance to see why audience members line up down the street for this beloved community event.

Film #1, photo: Olivia Caldeira Holston, photo credit: Randee Paufve

Film #2, photo: Randee Paufve

Thank you for all of your generous support during this year. Your financial contributions, your presence at events, your efforts to stay connected, hold hope, and look towd new ways to keep dance alive and well means the world. We look forward to announcing our 2021-2022 season. In the meantime – stay hydrated, keep moving.

-Randee Paufve

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