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Paufve Dance uPDate [October 2020]

It has been a busy Fall for Paufve Dance. Here's what has been going on:

August-September: Early this fall, Paufve Dance (PD) presented its annual event Four Fridays: a series of open rehearsals/lecture-demonstrations held on Friday afternoons. Four Fridays invites audiences to be part of a public process and witness the inner workings of PD's creative practice. PD prepared performances in a local park for small, socially distanced audiences, working with artists Aviva Rose-Wiliams, Andrew Merrell, Olivia Caldiera Holston, and audience members. While fires ultimately cancelled one performance (do NOT miss an opportunity to see Aviva Rose-Williams next time she is in town!!), the turn-out, discussion and camaraderie of live performance was electric.

Olivia Caldeira Holston rehearsing for Four Fridays

Aviva Rose-Williams in rehearsal for Four Fridays

September: Paufve Dance held its first board meeting with the newly formed PD Advisory Board! Introductions forthcoming in another newsletter but we are buzzing with excitement, inspiration, and gratitude already.

Paufve Dance also officially transitioned to its new fiscal sponsor: Intersection for the Arts.

September-October: Randee Paufve has continued to teach her Sunday dance class through Shawl-Anderson Dance Center (SADC), outdoors. This class was made possible by the thorough organization and no doubt, headache-inducing, administrative maneuvering of the SADC staff. Thank you so much SADC for your support, always, and especially now, in connecting dancers to dance class during a time when we all really need it.

Ongoing classes: Randee will continue to teach Sunday outdoor classes through November. Please contact her directly for details (

Outdoor class with Randee Paufve

October: Last Friday, Paufve Dance hosted a live screening of Paufve Dance films “Life During Lifeand The Glade” (premiere), followed by artist Q&A with Randee Paufve, Video Director Julia Sweeney and ODC-Writer-in-Residence Sima Belmar. Praise be to the Mercurial retrograde deities, PD's Zoom room suffered no technical glitches as the 50 person audience convened, watched the films via a Youtube premiere, and then re-convened for a discussion and Q&A. What was only supposed to be an hour-long event stretched to two hours as Zoom videos were turned on, discussion flowed and audience members shared in the afterglow of post-show fellowship.

A few audience observations shared in the Zoom Room chat box:

"There's something about the certainty and insanity of Randee's movement juxtaposed with the Julia's editing that makes me think of conjurings, incantations, in swampy, hot land. That makes me feel comforted somehow."

"There was a brief cut of Randee breathing... It felt very reminiscent of catching my own breath during this whole pandemic"

"I loved how voyeuristic the footage was and how the editing allowed the viewer to see Randee starting and stopping the clips. It was relatable in this time of letting people into our homes on zoom so often...It added a sense of vulnerability and honesty."

"Julia Sweeney = Sophia Coppola

Randee Paufve = Bill Murray"

"We just talked for 1.5 hours about less than 15 min. of film!"

"I miss art. I miss community. This event and this conversation are so meaningful."

"The rawness (for me) of the film pulled me into you even closer... I am thinking about the word ”respond”. Respond to the world, age, building, people, environment, whatever, whoever, or how we want to be seen from the society."

Thank you. Thank you Paufve Dance community. Thank you supporters, audience members, students, new board members, family members and friends. Creating live art right now feels tenuous but the ways in which we have gathered continues to reinforce that art is an essential element of how we meet and process the current moment. As children's book author Mo Willems said, "Science will get us out of this. But art will get us through this.” Thank you for helping us get through this.

-Randee Paufve

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