Soil (2013)


October 2013, Hillside Swedenborgian Community Church, El Cerrito, California

Soil marks a return to the solo form that launched Paufve’s career, but in a full-evening format that challenges the notion that with aging we lose endurance. Paufve blasts through five solos exposing the raw, hot vitality of an artist smashing against stereotypes of aging dancers, up-ending the roles of choreographer/performer/audience and embodying the unpredictability of transformation.  With works by four very different choreographers Soil unifies into a bold and nuanced physical expression of the dance between body and psyche – a fiery descent into dreaminess, a dark embrace with mortality and a reemergence into light and life.


The five solos that Soil comprises are (in order of performance):

1. "Laying Ground," by Randee Paufve, which sets the stage for the evening creating movement alchemy between hands, sex, passion and light. 

2.  "Erie Lackawana," by Kate Weare a stark and elegant dance that punctuates stillness with raging motion.  

3. "'s kind of a secret but she screams like a girl...........," by Gregg Bielemeier, portrays a woman attempting to control her world, yet, like a helium balloon floating up and falling down in temperature fluctuations, she is controlled by her persistent dreaminess. 

4.  "Flying Over Emptiness," by Della Davidson.  Originally created for Bay Area dance veteran Frank Shawl, the work is “about the bleakness and fear that the possibility of death inspires,” as explained by Davidson, who passed away in March 2012. 

5. "Endless Mountain," by Paufve, was created at a Benedictine Monastery in upstate NY, near the farm where Paufve was born and raised.  There she chanted prayers with the nuns, communed with nature, talked with Sister Donald about sin and death and made a solo in the grass in the graveyard in the woods.