XO: eXquisite Orientation (2017)

XO:  eXquisite Orientation

Joe Goode Annex

San Francisco, CA

September 2017

Choreography by Randee Paufve
Dancers:  Crystaldawn Bell, Anna Greenberg, Rogelio Lopez, Andrew Merrell, Juliana Monin, Randee Paufve, Karla Quintero, Nol Simonse, Nadhi Thekkek, Mechelle Tunstall

Collaborating Choreographer Dream Dressed As A Husband duet :  Nol Simonse 

Performance Coach/Dramaturg:  Beth Harris

Lighting:  Kaveri Seth

Costumes:  Rogelio Lopez

Set:  Lauren Elder

Composer:  Peter Whitehead

Video Documentation: Lauren Robertson Productions


XO: eXquisite Orientation is an evening of dance woven from archetypal imagery, the powerful vocabularies of the collaborating artists, and the need to tap into narratives inside and outside ourselves in order to move through the current times. Stories of flawed humanity, rife with love, grief, failure and transformation weave in between epics of archetypes and gods, celestial beings and other worlds. XO is an evening of dances by tender men - Princes and Lovers, and powerful women - Queens, Witches, Mothers, Warriors. XO is a cauldron of gorgeous power, upending and mending; a mythical series of dances to help us navigate the new world order.

Support for XO comes from a NEW Program grant from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, a Zellerbach Family Community Arts Grant, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Dancers’ Group CA$H grant program and individual donors.